USB boot disk restore for a DS5100

I use Veeam to backup my OS to a USB hard drive. That drive also has my backups on it.

Anyways I installed 2016 over 2012 and I screwed something up. I went into by BIOS and changed the boot order, and because I had a brain fart I changed a setting or two (that I can’t remember). Maybe AHCI and/or security. I’m an ■■■■■.

I was able to boot to the USB and Veeam came up and I restored the OS partition, but I’m getting a blue screen after boot.

Does anyone know what I might be able to do to restore the image properly so that it boots and the OS starts? I really suspect the culprit is somewhere in the BIOS. I have restored the OS before using Veeam, so I know it should work.

My fate is in your hands. @Gramps will you be my hero again?

You could always reset your BIOS to default settings via the menu options?

Mine is not on to look but it should probably be AHCI. If wrong it will BSOD. You may need to set it to AHCI and do the restore again.

I got mine working trough rufus to create a gpt windows installer and put all of gramps wd packages on it after that in installed straight away and worked normaly on 2 drive bay that suddenly think well i dont want to work.