USB Backup - Ver2.x Gen2

I was told by Support that the option “Auto Start When Connected” would allow auto backups to USB (connected) when data is changed on the source. The manual doesn’t really specify what this option does. I’m trying to test it now, I’ve added some data to my source test share, and keep checking the destination target, and don’t see the changes.

Does anyone have any more info on this feature?

Well, Support lied. Told me the Auto Start When Connected auto sync’ed the USB backup when data was added to a share. Well, ran a test and that isn’t true.

The feature is to sync the USB B/U when data is added to a share, and the USB drive is disconnected and reconnected to the WD.

This has to be one of the most STUPID features. What a waste of code! Why couldn’t they build a scheduler instead??? Who connects and reconnects dedicated drives for safepoints? It’s easier for me to go to the GUI and run a backup manually.

So WD removed the safepoint functionality, and added this useless, worthless thing.

I would love to find an alternative for My Cloud.

Hi, there are users that have being able to create a cron job for rsync to run in the background via SSH, a simple search in the forums should provide you with that thread. Unfortunately I do no know how to create it.