USB Backup "Auto Start When Connected"

There is an option 


There’s no option to set an autostart for the USB Backup.

For detailed information about the USB Backups, please page 68 of the user manual.

The user manual contains no information for the “Backup Type” and “Auto Start When Connected” options, nor does the screenshot in the manual show either of these options.  It appears the user manual is out of date and needs to be revised to include these two options and what their functions are.

Hi There,

My support request (under user ChrisAN82) seems to have been split into two posts which dont make much sense on their own so let me try again…

I have attached a USB drive to me EX2 (running Firmware 1.05.30) and am performing a backup of the NAS (EX2) to the USB drive.From the “Backups” tab in the dashboard I see a list of options:

  • USB Backups
  • Remote Backups
  • Internal Backups
  • Cloud Backups
  • Camera Backups

The manual (page 68) does not make any reference to “Camera backups” nor show it in the screenshots

(That was my first point that indicated my manual was out of date but of little specific interest to my need)

The second point is that when i take the option for USB Backups and then “Create Job” there are a number of options/parameters to complete:

  • Job Name
  • Direction
  • Source Folder
  • Destination Folder
  • Backup Type
  • Auto Start When Connected

These last 2 on the list again do not appear in the manual; neither referenced nor shown in the screenshots.

Anyone got any information on what these 2 actually mean? I really want to know what the backup is actually doing.

Does the backup only run when I hit run?

Does the “sync” maintain a continuous backup? (which could be danerous if i wanted o go to a previous version of a file)

Any info or pointer to a knowledgebase article appreciated.

NB: The link in previous **bleep** took me to the same manual I had already read.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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