USB Backup App Update Available

I’ve been receiving notices re: the USB Backups App update. I’ve unable to find a link to the update on the WD Support Site. Could anyone provide a link to the Update Download?
Device: MyCloudEX2Ultra
Issued on: 01-12-2023 12:41:17 AM
Alert Code: 1501

Have you checked the App tab in your My Cloud Dashboard?

One can manually install the USB app.
USB App release notes:

My Cloud OS 5: Download and Install 3rd Party Apps Manually

My Cloud EX2 Ultra json file used to locate the BIN file to manually install the App:

USB App version 1.33 bin file (min OS5 version: 5.23.001):

Thanks you for your help. That worked perfectly.


My USB-Backup is gone too today, when i uinstalled the app, it was just gone only 5 app avaible, There was 12-13 from start

As indicated up thread one can find the USB Backups app for the My Cloud EX2 Ultra from the My Cloud EX2 Ultra JSON file:

The latest USB Backup file:

The release notes file for it:

How to manually download the apps and install them directions in the following link:
My Cloud OS 5: Download and Install 3rd Party Apps Manually

But why are they gone on WD app on nas
Thanks i can manually download from your link . Only 4 app is showing up in there.

lør. 21. okt. 2023 01.23 skrev Bennor via WD Community <>:

The My Cloud typically checks online for the latest JSON file. Perhaps it cannot reach that file due to some kind of ad blocking or filtering on the local network. With the previously posted information including WD knowledge base article directions one can install any of the My Cloud EX2 Ultra third party apps.

My Cloud OS 3: No Available Apps on a My Cloud

The My Cloud could be in a state that it is not resolving or fetching the OS 3 .xml or the OS 5 .json file located on


Network Configuration

Ensure the My Cloud:

  • is connected to a network router with internet connection
  • not connected to the computer using the ethernet cable

Reboot and Reset

  1. Power OFF and ON your networking equipment
  2. Reboot the My Cloud device and check the app screen again
  3. Reset the My Cloud Device
    For assistance on how to reset a My Cloud device, please see Answer ID 27402: How to Reset a My Cloud Device

You need install new firmware My Cloud OS 5

I had the same problem and updating the firmware to 5.27.157 fixed it.