USB adapter for MyBookLive NAS?


My TV player can only record to USB-storage, which is quite common. What I would like is to record to MyBookLive NAS instead, where there’s plenty of room and recordings can be shared and managed better. So I’m looking for an adapter that will make my NAS appear to the TV as a USB storage device. Any ideas?

Please note that this is the exact opposite of the very common scenario of making a USB device available as a networked drive. There are tons of solutions for that, so let me stress that I’m looking for the opposite: make my NAS appear as a physical USB drive that can plug straight into my Internet box, like so:

[MBL NAS] —— Ethernet —— [Ether/USB adapter] ——— [USB port / ISP box] ——— [TV player]

while the only supported setup of my TV player is:

[USB storage ] ——— [USB port / ISP box] ——— [TV player]

Some people claim a basic USB/Ethernet adapter will NOT work at all for my use case. Basically I want to hide the NAS behind an USB adapter… Could you recommend any Ethernet/USB adapter that would do the job? It must be HW plug and play since I don’t have access to internals of ISP box.

In order to keep MBL NAS visible on my network, I hope keeping Ethernet connectivity in parallel to USB:

[MBL NAS] —— [Ethernet switch] —— [Ether/USB adapter] ——— [USB port / ISP box] ——— [TV player]
[MBL NAS] —— [Ethernet switch] —————————————— [Ether port / ISP box]

or alternatively I could simply plug directly the USB adapter into ISP box Ethernet…

[MBL NAS] —— [Ether1+2 / ISP box] —— [Ether/USB adapter] —— [USB port/ISP box] —— [TV player]

Let me know if any specific adapter would work for this.