USB 750MB mypassport stuck at 100% busy

PN WDBBEP7500ABK-01 USB HD is stuck at 100% busy according to Task Manager with randum reads. the HD is empty and will not respond to formating, repairs, scan took 20 minutes, creating a new empty folder to 15-20 seconds and deleting it took that long also. I have turned of PC 3 or 4 times, removed HD and reattached and it immediately goes back into busy state. Any ideas. It has been a great drive for the last 4-6 years.

Greetings gutzman,

There could be multiple reasons that the drive is not responding. It best connecting the drive straight on USB 3.0 port of the host device and avoiding any USB hubs for optimum performance. It is recommended to perform diagnostics on the drive and keeping firmware updated using WD Universal Firmware Updater. Please check important links below.