USB 3 device connection failure error "1122" - possible solution

So I have been having an issue, as I see many other users are with locked threads so I cannot respond, probably because they are old, with connecting a USB 3 external drive of some type to their MyCloud.

This is the standard message I received;

Unable to create share

A share could not be created on a USB device (vendor: Seagate, model: BUP RD, serial number: NA7PC6YV, file system: ntfs, label: , share name: BUP_RD).

Monday, March 21, 2016 7:16:54 PMCode 1122


There is NOTHING wrong with your external drive. My external drive is a Seagate 4TB 2.5 USB3 drive. It was once already connected to MyCloud without error but since I reformatted no longer connected with the above message. It is the RED model which probably defines the “BUP_RD” name listed somehow.

This is an ISSUE with MyCloud connection to the external drive based on the default name of the external drive, or MyCloud’s interpretation of what the default name could/might be. It could be related to spaces or special characters in the name or just the fact it is the default MFG name provided that MyCloud is recognizing.

At any rate, connect the drive to any computer and simply ‘Rename’ the drive from ‘Local Drive’ (what mine listed as) or whatever it appears as on your computer, it’s not obvious, to anything other than the default shown in the MyCloud USB connection dropdownmenu. My drive was listed as “Seagate BUP RD”, (notice no underscore), and maybe use a single name, no spaces and no special characters or simply something other than the MyCloud interpreted name. The one I chose to use has spaces, but no special characters, namely the underscore “_” that MyCloud placed in there in the error, but not the USB connection list.

This “could” be a firmware issue where MyCloud does not understand special characters but that is for the developers to decide (AND TEST!!!). It would not be the first time a software had this problem that I have seen.

Why MyCloud would attempt to recognize a renamed drive as opposed to a default named drive, I do not know. It still seems related to special characters, but WD is not paying me to test and validate their product so I am not going to waste additional time verifying every character set when I have found a solution on my own that works.

I hope this thread makes it to anyone with the similar issue who receives the error message ‘1122’ related to a USB connected drive.

Good luck!
I love MyCloud (most of the time).

Look at the log files in /var/log. When the createshare fails a messages are logged.


I was getting the same 1122 error with a external USB 3.0 Toshiba Canvio 1T hard drive. Changing the default name for the USB hard drive did not solve my drive failing to be mounted properly. What did work in my case was deleting the partition(s) on the external drive, repartitioning it then reformatting it. Only then did the My Cloud v4.x firmware properly mount the drive. There is a lot of detail on my trek dealing with this issue in the following thread (which comes up when doing a forum search for “1122”):