Usb 3.0

I just purchased a My Book essentials and I’m having the same problem as many people seem to be having with this HD. It not working with the USB 3.0. Is WD support on top of this problem ? This is ridiculous to have to jump through all these hoops that I am reading on the forum that you have to do, to make this thing MAYBE work ! I have Windows Vista, can someone please point me in the right direction To get this HD to recognize USB 3.0. Thank You.

Can u let me know your computer comes with 2.0 and u got a 3.0 card OR your computer came with the usb 3.0 attached to the board?

My pc did not come with 3.0 USB. I purchased a USB 3.0-2 port pci card. Installed in the spare pci expansion slot,installed the spare mini power supply cable to the card,the driver for the card installed successfully. According to the readme file for the card ( it is a Sebrant ) it is showing in the device manager correctly. As I think I mentioned before,if I plug my printer or flash drive into the card they work.) Thanks for your reply or further help.(?)

Perfect Now

Did u verify that the card that u purchased is on the list of the supported cards in the website for the product to work

cos there is a KB in the support area that shows wich usb 3.0 adapter are supported

Could you please tell me exactly where on the support page I can find the list of supported cards . Thank You.

It would have been nice if  a leaflet listing what 3.0 cards are supported was provided in the box and I find this product limited if one wants to use 3.0 if relying on a specific make.