USB 3.0 with WD My Passport 500Go

Hi everyone,

I’m here to ask you if someone found any solution to make the drive work fine with USB 3.0

I have a new computer that doesn’t have any USB 2.0 port so I’m forced to use 3.0 ports but it won’t work anytime. Sometimes it works, I still don’t know why but it mostly doesn’t detect my device.

I tried with a HUB, it kinda works but 1mb/s is awful.

All my drivers are up to date, I tried to update firmware but I got an error.


What’s the error you are getting?

Have you tested with multiple 3.0 controllers?

The drive should work fine in USB 3.0.  You may try using an additional USB cable, no longer than 18 inches, and also tried on a different computer, with USB 3.0 ports, to compare results.