USB 3.0 Card not working with MyBook


I just bought a MyBook 3.0, 1 TB, including USB 3.0 Card. I installed the card driver, plugged in card, connected MyBook and it starts (HDD spins up), but my Win doesn’t see it as an external drive.

I update driver with the new one from the download page and I updated my WinXP to SP3. But it still does not work.

Connecting the MyBook to a USB 2 port works without any problems. I can access the drive, read / write data.

System’s hardware manager lists a NEC Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller and Root Hub.

Another, minor important thing: when I pressed the power-button on the back for the first time, I heard a cracking sound and now I can push the left side of the button deeper than the right side.

I connect my two 1TB My book to USB 3.0 but when I start up the system I got a message " The device can perform faster on another USB-port.

So the WD/book probably only uses USB 2.0.

I bought the WD because of the USB 3.0! ! !

No goooood !

Phone support couldn’t really help. Also, I did some research in the web and it seems that there exist some common problems with this drive (including the power-button thing).

So I decided to send it back to the reseller and chose an other product.