Usb 3.0 cable extender and standby mode


Ive never seen wd my cloud go in standby mode when ive  connected an usb 3.0 cable extender into.

how does standby mode works? is this a correct functionality or a bug?


Here is the link to the User Manual.

  1. what is a cable extender? is that just a extra long USB cable? with no USB drive?

  2. does your drive sleep if you don’t have this cable extender plugged in?

some answers, yes WD clouds do have trouble sleeping especially when you have media sharing on (although we don’t know if turning it off makes a difference) but all your media (photos, music, movies, ebooks) are scanned and thumbnails are created, I am guessing that movies are indexed. This will take days, months and sometimes years (mainly because the scan is stuck) :stuck_out_tongue: However WD assures us that this process will complete shortly and once that is completed, your device should go into standby fitfully.

1 - yes, it`s only an exta long cable with no usb drive

2 - yes, it goes in sleep mode normally when the cable is not plugged in

SJAirWolf wrote:

1 - yes, it`s only an exta long cable with no usb drive


2 - yes, it goes in sleep mode normally when the cable is not plugged in

that is interesting indeed. Perhaps the length of the cable gives the impression that something is attached much like a usb hub even though nothing is connected on the hub, it is still recognized as a device; although for a long usb cable, I am just conjecturing.

I do have a USB WD MyBook plugged in and by turning off the two media scanners, both the MyCloud and the MyBook sleeps.

Now I did have problems powering on the MyCloud with the MyBook plugged in; it causes a frenzy of activity with two services within the MyCloud; wdmcdispatcher and wdnotifier. Eventually the two services locked the device. The solution was to plug the USB drive after the MyCloud has booted and settled into a quiet mode.

Assumming that you had the USB cord plugged in while turning on your MyCloud, lets try an experiment…

  1. take off the USB 3.0 cable extender

  2. reboot your MyCloud

  3. wait for about 5 - 10 minutes or more (basically waiting for the MyCloud services to settle so they don’t get into a lockup)

  4. plug in your USB 3.0 Cable extender

  5. report your findings here


It doesn`t go in sleep mode.

The cable is 1.5 meters long USB 3.0   8mm depth 

Yup definitely one for the WD guys to pass onwards to the programmers.

You can try one more thing… 

1.plug a usb drive at the end…

2.then eject it…

  1. pull the drive but leave the cable, or even leave the drive plugged in but ejected.


it’s online after 30 min of inactivity.

so i’ve done another test:

i’ve plugged the cable when MYcloud was in sleep mode. For about 5-10 min nothing happens.

With the NAS online i’ve waited for more 30 min and the NAS was in sleeping mode (cable plugged in). 

But now, it’s back online, 60 min are gone and the system stills online (60 min of inactivity, no access).

I don’t understand why sometimes it goes in sleep mode and why sometimes it stays for hours online.

what is for sure? 

My Cloud NAS with cable extender plugged in work in a different way from a NAS with cable unplugged.

Spleeping times are not the same, they are more rare.