USB 2TB External Hard Drive

So i bought a Western Digital 2TB USB External hard drive, and i just plugged it into my HUB.

Now how do i view my files from the HUB? I tried plugging it it, and now it just shows

‘Internal Storage’ under Local storage Instead of showing both internal and all local storage

I also tried restarting the hub, and i have it set to ‘automatically sync files from a USB Storage’

Is there something i need to do to be able to view my files off my USB hard drive?

I have 2 external drives connected. One 2TB and one 1TB drive.

When you select to “Sync from external drive” you are limiting yourself, since you cannot sync 2 TB of content from the external drive onto the miniscule 1TB drive in the HUB. So I’d turn that off if I was you. Leaving you with (almost) 3 TB of storage combined.

the external drive should be seen on its own and shared by the Hub on the net, and you include it in the catalog search by setting the source to All Local Storage.

You need to change the option to view all local storage. This should also automatically disable the copy(synch) option.

I did this and have a 2TB WD Elements drive plugged in and it works perfectly.

When I go to “Video” I have to choose either the Internal drive or the attached 2TB drive (USB1).

Photon_Boy… The selection for source (set it to All Local Storage) is local to the data type. (Photo, Video).

If you have to select it every time you go to Video, you should try going to Video and setting the datasource to 'All Local Storage" there. Then all will be combined into the catalog.


Awesome, thanks.

I use my WDTVLIVEHUB almost exclusively for local video and was getting sick of that extra step (poor me…).


Its the little nuisances that sink ships (scare customers away). :wink:

Such as if one had to select source over and over again.

I have the WDTVHub Syncing to a folder on my Netgear ReadyNAS 600 Ultra Plus, working fine.

My question is, I just added a Seagate 2Tb Desktop USB Drive, the 1Tb drive in the hub is full. If I move movies over to the Seagate to free up space, will the WDTVHub pull the movies I just moved from the network sync again?


you can have your settings so that you do NOT have the option of SYNCHING (copying). If you need to SYNCH you can enable this again.

You can actually copy folders two ways:

  1. with remote (options-MOVE I believe, such as USB1->“movie folder”->MOVE->… “WDTVLIVEHUB”).

  2. PC-> Windows Explorer->“network”->“WDTVLIVEHUB”

*folder creation, moving, renaming is much easier using a PC hooked up to the same network.


i have 2 questions related to adding an external USB drive:

  1. I am looking at WD 2TB Elements drive mentioned in a previous post and wanted to know if the drive can be

    powered from the USB connection to the HUB, or does the power source need to be plugged in ?

  1.  I am using the “sync from network share” option and was wondering when the internal drive is full, will the 

              sync operation be suspended, or will it automatically spill over to the USB drive?

Any and all help is appreciated …


Dunno about the sync from network share option

But you HAVE to have the EXTERNAL drive plugged into a power source