USB 2 Port Usage?

What exactly is the purpose of the USB 2 (host) port on the My Passport Wireless Pro (4TB)?

Mine came with the USB 3 (and cord) for charging, etc.

But, have no idea what to use the USB 2 port for.

Hi frjeff,

My Passport Wireless Pro comes with Super-fast USB 3.0 for charging and USB 2.0 ports. You may save time when moving or backing up of RAW images or HD videos with the transfer speeds of USB 3.0.
And use the USB 2.0 port to easily transfer media from an
external USB storage device, like a compatible DSLR or CF card reader.

It appears you need a copy of the complete user manual to refer to such as the one on the MPWP drive or downloaded from WD Support.

I have a non-Pro model and it has one USB3 port for charging and connecting to a computer, etc.

I used the port to plug MPW into my PC to COPY media files from PC and other drives to my MPW; many gigabytes of data. I hardly ever transfer files to MPW via wireless – TOO SLOW!

Thank you kind sir!