USB 1 does not work

Hello everyone.
For some reason the side USB does not work.
I put a hard drive and adapter wiffi and none is detected.
Port is broken or something else is happening?


Does the back USB port work OK with the same items.

You could try a reset. Press the siide paperclip button for 1 second and then release with the WDTV fully booted up.

Yes. Everything is perfect in the back USB but does not work on the side.
I tried reset, but neither works.

I am also having this issue. As far as I can tell, I only noticed it after the latest update (WDTV Live 1.04.31)


I re-installed the latest WDTV Live Firmware 1.04.31 from a USB Drive (NOT VIA INTERNET) and it solved the problem. I suspect that the update via the Internet didn’t complete successfully last time.

To re-install the firmware, download the firmware from here

Unzip and put the contents of the folder onto the root of a USB Drive

Before you remove the USB drive from your PC and connect it to your WDTV Live you must do the following:

Open wdtvlive.ver with notepad or any text editor

You should see the following in the file


Change the version number up a digit. For example I changed mine to:


 This is so the WDTV will think it’s a newer firmware and allow you to re-install it.

Hope this works for you.