US Netflix on UK WD TV Live streamer

I am currently on the Netflix trial but the UK content is pish compared to the US content. I have been able to change DNS settings on the PS3 and Blu-Ray player so I can access the US content. Is there anyway I can do the same on the WDTV ???

never tried this but

my only guess is to use a vpn located in US or possibly service a like unblock us

but this would need to run on the router, you will not be able to configure this directly on the WD

Thx for taking the time to reply KAD. I have actually got it working without the need for VPN or unblockus. This is what I did…

  • got to setup
  • system >change timezone to eastern time (us & Canada)
  • network settings>network setup>change DNS to
  • turn off for 10 secs
  • turn back on and you should now be able to access the us Netflix

Hope this helps

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Thanks Craig, that worked for me too.