Urgently need help

i was trying to play and mkv that i had added and idx subtitle file to with mkvmerge from my lacie 1tb external hard drive and it froze up my wdtv, so i turned it off and then on again and all that came up was the frozen still of the movie, then when i went to unplug my external hard drive to delete the mkv file since i wasnt working my computer no longer recognises my external hard drive, it just comes up with local disk and shows that it has 0bytes used and 0byes free, i cant do anything with it except format it but i dont want to do that and risk losing anything thats on it if there is still anything on it, also my wdtv wont recognise it as a storage device anymore either…

can anyone please help me, have i lost all my data or is it possible its still on there, and if so how can i get it working again?

thanks in advance

You might have a defective hdd.

or you may want to use some disk recovery software.

but if  yor successful in recovering don’t forget  thet this will not be reliable in the future.

or if your disk is in box , remove it from the box. and try to connect it directly to your pc. maybe you can reach sth.

iv taken it into a computer shop to get it looked at, i think they’re running some disk recovery software on it

Can this external hard drive work on a direcTv reciever?

Actually I called DirecTv after this post and they said WDG1S10000 that works fine with there HD reciever.