Urgent question about repeat mode

Hello, I need a video to reapeat endesly but without be noticable, I mean without any black screen at the end or any information showing on screen before each loop, is it possible?

What WD Device do you own and what app are you using with it?

Actually I´m buying WD TV Live just for this, is there any App that would work for me?

Thanks for replaying

You may want to look at this, maybe it will help.

Actually at first WD boots up at a default resolution.So any visual device can project the WD Logo .During this time it detects the audio visual attributes of the TV . Then it automatically reboots and tries to set at the best audio visual levels of the TV. This time you get the picture and sound.

Probably for you it is unable to suit itself with the TV.Since at least you could get some picture out of it means the circuits are OK.There is handshaking problem. Better go for replacement if possible.