Urgent - need help with data recovery

I have damaged my My passport external disk and would aprpeciate any help or suggestion on how to recover the data. Here is what happened:

I was using my external hard drive and copying some files from my computer to the drive. While the file was transferring, my hard drive fell and hit a hard object. and then the file transferral stopped. I unplugged the drive from my computer and plug it in again. The icon to ask me to unlock my drive shows up as usual, but after entering my password, no more icon or files appeared. It also take unusually long time for my computer to detect my drive.

My question now is: What damage has it caused? Can I still extract the data from my hard drive? How? How mnuch would it cost if WD recover my data?

This is very important because my computer broke down a few days ago and this drive is the only backup i have with all my data. Please help and I would really aprpeciate it!

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but since it was dropped it’s probably physically damaged and beyond do it yourself recovery. Professionsal recovery is expensive. If you are considering professional recovery don’t do anything it will make the problem worse.


How much would it cost for professional recovery?