Urgent! MBLD 6TB Has started emitting scratching noises

My MBLD has started to emit intermittent low level scratching noises. Is one of the HDD about to fail. I’ve only had 2 days. I’ve shut it down, now. Is this normal? Any ideas?


Call WD!

Isn’t that what this place is? I thought these were the official help forums run by WD.

Is it a free number, I don’t want spends hours on an expensive help line. Maybe I’m over reacting, I don’t actually know what a  hard drive should sound like, are they supposed to be silent all the time? I wasn’t using the unit when I heard the noise, which is why I went over to the unit and about every 30 seconds it would make a quiet scratching noise for about 1-2 seconds. I wasn’t write/read -ing any files and there were no external media players using the device. I’ve read that when a HDD is about to fail a scratching noise can be heard, so I assumed the worst. There were no warnings or changes in the condition of the unit, it was “Good” before I switched it off.

The MBL is reading and writing files periodically, whether or not YOU are accessing the drive.

As such, the sounds you’re hearing could be normal.

Unless you can distinguish the difference, no one here is going to be able to tell you if the noise is normal or not, because it’s all subjective.

Log into the WD and look to see if the status is “Good” on the drives.

Tonyph is correct.  The Duo reads and writes to the drives periodically.  Check the drives through the UI as Tony suggests.  Unless you get a bad read (red) the drives should be fine.  However, if you are convinced, in your mind, that the drive(s) are loud, a call to WD tech is not a bad idea.  Better safe than sorry.  WD tech support number is included within the box your device came in.  They are usually easy to access.  Good luck.

bangersandsmash wrote:

Isn’t that what this place is? I thought these were the official help forums run by WD.

And, btw, No, that’s not what this is.

This is the WD Community;  we’re all users here.  

WD Tech Support is only available through their official support channels.


The drives are showing they are in good condition, so I will just have to assume that the noise is nothing to worry about. Thank you, for the replies.