URGENT! Is Seagate 1TB HDD compatible with WD TV Live Plus?

Hi Guys, 

Its Urgent, I need to know whether Seagate 1TB FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB ultra-portable HDD is compatible with WD TV Live Plus?. Is WD capable of recognising Seagate HDDs?. 

And can it play .mkv files of size 3.5GB without any problem or lagging?

Plz gimme your suggestions. I am in urge to buy a Media Player.

Thank you,

The MKV files should play fine as long they follow the supported parameters on resolution, framerate and codecs, regardless of file size.

On the Seagate drive, portable drives tend not to work if they have higher power requirements than the power provided by the WDTV, but drives with power adapters don’t suffer from this, regardless the brand.


I am gonna buy WD TV live plus. But there are some clarifications required before purchasing. 

Does Seagate Freeagent GoFlex 1TB Portable HDD works with WD Tv live Plus?

I have lots of .mkv files each of ~3.5GB. Is there any problem or lagging in playing .mkv files of that size? .

Plz help me, and suggest me whether i can go ahead with WD Tv Live plus.

Urgent Plz…  :smiley:

Depending on your responses, i will buy this product the next second itself.   :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot…!!!