Urgent help with My Flex NAS and Media Library WDTV SMP


I’m really struggling with the Media Library function of the WDTV since I’ve got my new NAS.  To give you an example; I connect my 250gb external passport-type HD.  Now, when I connect it, the Media Library will start to scan and the Video, Music, Photo catagories on the Dashboard will show the new file amount and thumbnails etc when I expand the folder. 

The problem is that none of this is shown for files on my NAS.

I have a Seagate Go Flex Home 2TB NAS.  The WDTV can see it as it can access the files from it no problem.  I’ve set it as a “Media Share” within the WDTV and it shows as “GO_FLEX” and not the IP (I heard that’s a good sign!) so there’s no problem there.

Am I missing something then?  Why can’t it show the correct amount of files under each catagory?  Also, is it a read/write issue?  If so, anyone able to help the new guy sort it out?

I can access the Dashboard functions without issue (Favourites etc) but it’s just that it won’t catalogue the files like it does with my external.

Any help is MUCH appreciated :frowning:

Thank you!

Did you add the NAS share to your media library?
If you just select the share under the video tab it doesn’t know to add or show media info.
Go to settings where you turned on the media library feature and under that it will allow you to add shares to the library as well.


Yeah, I’ve added all the folders as shares through the “Setup” menu.  Any other ideas?

Also under the same option it has another option to scan your NAS share. What do you have it set at?

It needs to rescan the share regularly to see the new files you’ve copied or moved over.

If its set to do so during standby but if you fully power the SMP off it doesn’t scan automatically.
Can you manually scan each share? If so does it then update the item count under the vid/pic/music tabs?

Not too sure what else it could be if that doesn’t help…hopefully someone else can chime in with some added input.

I’ve tried to do the scan manually but it’s still not showing any files under the categorys on the main screen.  It’s only when I go into the section itself I can see the files.

When I connect my Samsung HDD it automatically pulls up the files straight away and catalogues them, however, I don’t seem to have a WDTV folder on my NAS.  It seems strange to be honest.  Any ideas?  Is it some kind of write issue?

Go in the Media Library Manager (same place you added the shares) and select on of the shares and click OK.

What does that screen say?

I’ll check when I get home as in work at the moment.  I’m sure it adds them successfully as it shows the three shares that I enabled previously.