URGENT - help recovering files

My files which I know are here, are not shown.

Can anyone help me?

What My Cloud model is this disk from?

My cloud 4tb, second gen.

Hmmmm. Yeah, that’s odd… So, dumb question: When you click into that folder (any of the 0Kb folders) are they indeed showing empty?

The only non-zero folder yours shows is lost+found, and the size matches mine. But all of the other folders on mine are showing 4Kb, not 0.

What happened to get you to this point?

Yes, empty. See the image.

My MyCloud was doing the blue blinking led without stopping for more than 2 weeks.

Hi, :grinning: I suggest you stop using your PC and try a third party to scan your drive to find and recover the files you need. Many tools can do that, among them, I prefer Bitwar Data Recovery for its high-speed & quality, user-friendly, and easy-to-use. Maybe you can have a try.