Urgent Help Need WDTV Live corrupted two Ext HDDs


I just bought HD TV live with firmware version 1.04.12

I connected my Seagate Freeagent Go 500gb Hard Disc which has two partitions of 235gb each

First partion is only show up at first.

i thought that its not showing second partition.

My stupidity previaled and i connected another 1tb HDD (GoFlex Ultra Portable HDD), it has 3 partions 1 is 70gb,2nd one is 450 and third one is 450gb,this time also only 1st partiiton only seen in WDTV

Later i safelt ejected the drive and connected to laptop,i was shokced to seen that second parition of 500gb HDD and 2nd and 3rd partition of 1tb HDD are not opening in pc and windows is asking for format

WDTV corrupted almost 700gb of my movies and DATA,any way to recover them

I am in shell shock mode

WDTV Live ruined my day,…my month …whole of my backup

Oh god any way to recover it

My PC Backup image is also in that partition

My guess is the data is all still there just the file system got corrupted.

Plug it back into your PC, right click the drive under “My Computer”  --> Properties --> Tools -> Check drive for errors.

Select “Automatically repair file system errors” and let it rip. It should be quick (do not select “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”) 

I ran “chkdsk H: /f” where H is Hard Disc Partition of the Disc which was corrupted in Windows 7 using Command prompt as administrator and My goodness,windows corrected the errors and partition is working again.

let me connect this hard disc to WDTV live (I updated it to latest firmware 1.9.10) and who is at fault,my hdd or wdtv

If I restart my SMP or pull the power prior to ejecting the USB drive , my drive gets corrupted every time.  The Windows error correction restores functionality.