Urgent Help HDD not working

I brought a  My Passport Essential SE recently.had added alot of data into it.

gave it to my friend recently and when i got it back … ta da … it stopped working

my frnd says it was workin at his place and he dint drop it or anythin.

when i connect the HDD to ma PC the light blinks and the har drive seems to be spinning but no new drive is added to da My Computer listing and after a few secs everything on ma machine hangs up!!!

PLS HELP ME OUT WID DIS!!! THanx in advance…

I was just going to post a very similar thread about my wd3200bmvu, to avoid loads of threads on the same subject Ill just post it along with yours.

It’s been great so far, but went to plug it in today and nothing…

The drive powers up, spins and makes a single click. During this time the light blinks repeatedly and after a minute it stays on. 

The drive is not recognised by windows, but it shows in device manager.

I downloaded the WD diagnostics tool which recognises the drive, but it says the device’s capacity is 0mb. Scans are done instantly and all say everything is working properly. 

I have not knowingly dropped or damaged the hard drive lately, although I have once or twice in the past and it’s worked fine.

As always in this scenario I have lots of important data on the drive, I’m not too concerned about the drive itself, only the data. If anybody has any ideas then please throw them forward!


If the drive is not recognized on the computer try this:

1- Make sure the drive is plugged on the right port. (if you have a desktop computer plug the usb cable on a port located on the back of the computer, if you have a laptop plug the usb cable directly to the computer, try not to use a usb hub)

2- Go to Disk Management. Click on Start > right click on Computer (My Computer if you have win xp) and click on Manage.

3- On the options on the left side of the Computer Management window click on Disk Management (second option from bottom to top)

4- Verify the drive, if the drive says unalocated you will have to format it (right click on the drive, select new simple volume and follow the on screen intructions)

5- If the drive is not recognized on Disk Management that means the drive may be defective. Try another usb cable or take it to your friend’s computer to see if works

6- If the drive is still not recognized call WD , verify the warranty and if the drive is under warranty replace it