Upscaling and

First off i would like to say english isnt my native language so im sorry for any misspelled words.

That said, ive recently bougt a WD tv live (EU) and been watching alot of youtube stuff on it, but i believe because i have a realy old tv (6-7years) the upscaling looks horrible. It is a HD-ready tv from SHARP, but when i watch stuff on youtube, fx minecraft vids, when ever they run on Sand or Snow during the day then it gets some weird glares on the screen, im thinking cause of the upscaling.

is there any workaround for that? if not i think there should be, cause its kinda annoying.

Second question is just are getting added, if yes what is the ETA on that badboy?

Regards - Vend

What cables are you using to connect the WDTV?  Have you tried selecting other resolutions to see if you get better results? I could not say if the Twitch service will be added or not, but you can vote for the request in the ideas boards. Click on the following link.