UPS sending me something but I am not sure if this is a new hard drive being sent to me by WD


Is this a company that handles RMAs and more for WD in Canada? They are sending me a parcel using UPS and the only way I dealt with UPS lately was sending back my broke 640 GB WD Caviar Black 7200 rpm internal hard drive less than a week ago. The thing is it says the parcel is only 1 lb. and I find it hard to believe that the new hard drive sent would only be one pound. Any help here in figuring this out is appreciated.


I recommend you contact WD support directly to verify if your replacement drive has been shipped and to get any information necessary about it.

It ended up being the replacement hard drive. Awesome that Western Digital and UPS were so quick in getting this to me. Also I noticed that I was given a 1 TB hard drive which is a nice small upgrade for free and I kind of expected to get something larger as I didn’t think they would have new 640 GB hard drives laying around anymore. Anyway glad I won’t be having the horrid read times anymore which eventually crippled the pc. Definitely happy to be able to quickly get my son’s pc back up and running asap. Finally good to know what this company, ITRENEW WORLDWIDE ITAD SERVICE, is in that it deals with parts of RMA processes for Western Digital.

I am most glad this has come to a positive outcome.