UPS Master connection - Auto-shutdown at 10% remaining battery level - notification system

We directly connect the UPS USB cable in the NAS WDMyCloud USB port.

In the MyCloud management interface, you have a USB sign on top of the window.
By clicking this USB sign you see that the UPS is connected (in my case it says TrippLite), and we see the battery level.

Register your email or phone number for sms notification in
Parameters -> Notifications

All the notification system works perfectly fine.

We get notified that we get on ASI state when the current stop, getting on UPS Battery.

We get notified again going down different battery level.

It does a graceful auto-shutdown at around 10% of remaining battery.

Notifies that it is about to do it, and does it fine.

My UPS is a TrippLite SMART550USB

Support has been really pour giving information about Master UPS configuration.
Took many hours to figure all that out.

Very safe system once you use a UPS and plug its USB cable in the back USB port os the MyCloud NAS.

You can sleep well.