UPS feeling


I almost done finishing my setup of the DX4000. I need to buy a UPS but I saw that are only 2 UPS supported ?

Do you think this APC SC 620VA 120V, because I read that 550VA - give about 60 minutes in this forum… so 620VA should be enough for my need because I will put the DX4000 + one externe drive on the UPS. I read the Compatibility Chart on  APC website and it is compatible with Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials (SP1).

You think It will be ok ?

Thank for any advice!

Will have to look at my DX later today and see if it has a serial port.  My vote is any APC model that has a USB cable.  Windows will see the battery

Well, I check last night to bought a UPS and im not sure what to buy…

I  mean, It will be my first UPS :slight_smile:

Because I saw somes UPS wihtout USB port… but they seem to be compatible with Windows server… My question… how it will work with Windows (of the DX4000) to shutdown ?


And thank you Gramps for all your answers :slight_smile:

They normally are listed as “Smart” UPS if they have a cable.  Yes it needs some kind of cable to talk to windows.

APC brand UPS with a USB cable talk to windows natively.  You will get a battery icon just like on a laptop.

Cyberpower brand have their own siftware.  My vote is for the cheapest APC brand Smart UPS with a USB cable.  You just want it to run long enough to shut down.

The cheapest APC with “Smart” properties start at 300$ That a lot of power for the DX4000!

Does this one APC Back-UPS ES 550VA Desktop UPS will be good ?

Well by smart I meant with a USB port.  Some do not even have that, but perhaps they do have "smarter: versions.

Yes, if it were me, I would purchase that one.  From what I have found here, as I say, any APC brand with a USB port works fine and I do not spend more than I have to :slight_smile:

So, I will be able to setup the shutdown directly on Windows server with mstsc ?

Sorry for noob question :slight_smile:

Yes, it will be setup automagicly once you plug it in.  But if you want to change the settings you can in advanced power settings

Thank again :slight_smile:

But (again hehe) I have somes questions.

I bought the UPS. I plug the USB cable and setup to shutdown.

I unplug power and the DX4000 shutdown itself.

1 - When I reboot the DX4000, he started verifying the DISK… it took about 13 hours…

2 - On Dashboard, I have a warning, I show you the warning.

As you can see, I think that shutdown wasn’t good… do Im right?

Thank !

Looks like the battery ran out before it shut down.  It may naot have been fully charged or you need to adjust when it shuts down.  If it is at 15% set it to 30 or even 50% battery left

Well, those who writing that 550VA - give about 60 minutes are wrong.

I check the batteries while I unplug… I pass 91% to 30% in about 20… 30 secondes MAX.

I have a 550VA APC UPS.

Let it charge a couple of days and try again

Unplug the coffee pot and refrigerator from the UPS :slight_smile:

Days to charge ?.. that lot !

And there only have the DX4000 on the UPS… and the UPS charge for 13 hours when I did the last test…

According to what I read on the BOX… a PC (desktop) should stay for about 10 minutes with this UPS… My DX4000 drain less power than a PC :slight_smile:

Maybe… the UPS is defect!

Wait and see !

Well… after more than 24 hours of charging… I did a test…

The result : batteries goes to 100% to 42% in about 20 secondes… So, I think the UPS is not working well… but, I should have enought to shutdown…

The DX4000 shutdown but… it seem he didnt well because at this moment… he verifying the drives… that not good!

I put the low batteries options in 90% and shutdown…

Do I have to do more things to setup well ?

Did you look at the date on the battery?  It does sound like it is draining very fast.  Just make sure the low battery action is shut down

Exercise it?

Sorry for the long delay !

I did one more test with my UPS 550VA. He wasn’t good… I let the batteries goes from 100% to 30% (after 30 secondes).

After that… I wait still the batteries got empty but she did’nt… after she hit 30%… she was able to stay for about more than 20 minutes… but while I was there… I change setting of shutdown and nothing happen.

So, I took the batteries and use it with a desktop PC (with APC software installed). The batteries was at 50% when I did the test and she goes down slowly when I unplug the UPS…

So… I bought the SMC1000 … I did a test this morning and everything goes well… the DX4000 shutdown correctly and the batteries give me more than 90 minutes.

I keep the UPS 550VA for sister’s computer at her office.