UPS Device


I am looking for a UPS device for my DX4000.

Are either of these devices compatible?

I’d only require my DX4000 plugged into the UPS so I am unsure whether the 400V would be adequate of go for the 550V.


According to reviews the Sentinel peaks at 65W during spinup and idles around 41W. That roughly translates to:

400VA - ~40 minutes

550VA - ~60 minutes

Run time will vary with drive activity and age of the UPS battery.

The only compatibility to check is that whichever version of the APC shutdown software they run is compatible with Windows Server 2008 R2.

Yea either should be fine, except I can not tell if the smaller one has the capability to shut down the server.  It is not in the description and does not appear to have the port in the picture

Check out the KB Article which lists the UPS devices we have tested with WD Sentinel DX4000: