UPS Backup - why can't I use just any UPS Back?


I don’t quite understand the “compatibility” list of UPS Backups for WD products. Why can’t I use just any UPS backup with my EX2 Ultra?

And to add to what dswv42 says, if you don’t need the ability to use automated NAS shutdown via UPS signal, then you can use any UPS you want.

Thank you both.

Clearly I want the NAS to shutdown properly through the UPS when power is lost.

So if I use a non compatible UPS, what will happen when power is lost? Will the NAS keeps running until the battery dies and then it will simply shut off “abruptly” as if the power is out?


There may be other ways to protect the system, though. It’s possible that the UPS you have can run an agent on your PC, and then run a script that logs into your interesting devices and shut them down administratively.

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Is there anything I need to do/configure if I use one of the compatible ones, or will the NAS automatically detect it and perform a shutdown (for example - Tripp Lite Smart550USB)?