Uprgarde of Twonky DLNA Server to 8.3

Is there any step by step manual how to upgrade manually Twonky to v8.3? I found this page with server installs: http://www.twonkyforum.com/downloads/8.3/ so I believe that if there is software of v.8.3 ready for EX2 than it is possible to upgrade. Otherwise why would they publish this at Twonky for General Public?

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I haven’t try this, let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it.

Guys Anyone upgraded Twonky? Help needed.


I have managed to upgrade the twonky apps to version 8.3 with reference to the help from the below post WD My Cloud & Twonky Server and the revised procedural steps are as follow. However, the changes will be gone when the NAS is restarted. My testing so far suggest as long as you keep the NAS alive, no adverse issue found.

With my limited knowledge on the system, it seems to me WD has loaded the core apps into the memory or the read only file system, which then everything be reset back to the firmware default after restart. It would be great if other expert in this forum could help to shed some lights on this. Thanks.

  1. Enable SSH from the Dashboard.
    -> Dashboard Main -> Settings -> Network -> Network Services -> SSH (Config), Define a password.

  2. Download a SSH client (e.g. Putty) http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html

  3. Connect to your WD NAS (e.g. My Cloud EX2 - for my case) via the SSH client.

  4. Stop the TwonkyServer
    cd /usr/local/twonky
    ./twonky.sh stop

  5. Backup the existing version
    cd /usr/local
    cp -a twonky/ /usr/local/twonkybackup

  6. Remove the existing version
    cd twonky
    rm -rf *

  7. Download the latest one for your own WD NAS firmware. (e.g 02..)
    wget http://www.twonkyforum.com/downloads/8.3/twonky-WD_MyCloud_02.xx.xx-arm-8.3.zip

  8. Unzip/Install the latest version (e.g. Twonky 8.3 for WD MyCloud EX2)
    unzip twonky-WD_MyCloud_02.xx.xx-arm-8.3.zip

  9. Initialize the startup script
    chmod 755 ./twonky.sh

  10. Start the server again
    /usr/local/twonky/twonky.sh start

  11. Use the internet browser to the Twonky console (your WD NAS IP port 9000)

  12. Enter the license key. (You can purchase the key here


Hi Pascal, I see it is allready some days gone that you wrote about the upgrade, but I just tried ist and everything worked well, but…

After a restart of the NAS, the old version of Twonky server is installed again. Any idea why this happens? Is there any “restore” point when restarting the NAS?

Hopefully you have an answer on my question, as the newer version of twonky server is much better and comfortable that the old one.

Thanks in advance!

May be WD will update the same in the next firmware update soon. As we need all the supported application upto date.

The upgrade procedure works, for the most part. However, video thumbnails won’t work and the “/” filesystem will end up running low on space. To resolve these issues, do the following

cd /usr/local/twonky
rm twonky*zip
rm twonky.sh
rm twonkyserver-default.ini
rm -rf cgi-bin
ln -s /usr/local/modules/twonky/twonky.sh
ln -s /usr/local/modules/twonky/cgi-bin
ln -s /usr/local/modules/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini

As a result, the twonky database will reside in the /mnt/HD_a4 filesystem , not “/”. Basically, twonky will run as WD configured Twonky to run, except you’ll be at a higher twonky version. Thumbnails will work too.

Hey guys! I know this is ooooold but the upgrade process works for me. Though I did what you described and Twonky still gets replaced by default version when the Mycloud Ex2 ultra reboots.

Any ideas? I’m not versed on all these things but I can follow a guide like this.

A turnaround I shout was to create a start script and install a new Twonky at EVERY reboot.

Though, I’m not sure if this is possible or if the ZIP files accumulate somewhere (I mean, I can’t actually see the files and delete them freely, right?

Thanks a lot!

Here’s a script that I run whenever I reboot the WD cloud. Put the following into a script/file ( install_twonky.sh for example ) and chmod 755 on the file. The install_twonky.sh script needs to be in the same directory ( just store somewhere in /mnt/HD/HD_a2 ) as your twonky-WD_MyCloud_02.xx.xx-arm-8.4.1-41.zip download. Then simply execute the script using ./install_twonky.sh after any reboot. I’ve used it many times with no issue. Enjoy

/usr/local/twonky/twonky.sh stop
rm -rf /usr/local/twonky/*
cp twonky-WD_MyCloud_02.xx.xx-arm-8.4.1-41.zip /usr/local/twonky/
cd /usr/local/twonky
unzip twonky-WD_MyCloud_02.xx.xx-arm-8.4.1-41.zip
rm twonky*zip
rm twonky.sh
rm twonkyserver-default.ini
rm -rf cgi-bin
ln -s /usr/local/modules/twonky/twonky.sh
ln -s /usr/local/modules/twonky/cgi-bin
ln -s /usr/local/modules/twonky/twonkyserver-default.ini
/usr/local/twonky/twonky.sh start

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I appreciate the guide you have provided. I have been able to accomplish everything up to the point of starting the media server. I keep getting an error message after I enter “usr/local/twonky/twonky.sh start”. Linux replies with "line 188: /usr/local/twonky/twonkystarter: cannot execute binary file. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Discovered that I downloaded incorrect version. Correct version downloaded and all is well now!