uPnP on WD My Net N900 Central


I am about to order this machine but need to khow which uPnP server that is preinstalled - is it Twonky?

Is it possible to have minimserver installed (it runs on Linux also)?


Is it possible to install an SSD onboard (I can’t find any noise figures for the fan and the HDD)?

I am running the Lumin mediaplayer:


A prompt reply is much appreciated.



Apparently the phrase UPnP IGD is for “routing”.

This means that this unit does not contain an uPnP server and thus have to be used with a computer - very disappointing! :cry:


Are WD support representatives reading this forum?

I am not impressed with the response either…


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Thank you.

Based on quite a few reads and no replies I take it that no one can answer this or don’t have this problem.

I was promised by WD support that they would call me back one hour ago, but nothing happened.

If I buy this unit and it doesn’t have an inbuilt uPnP server (all NAS units have one), it is of no use to me.

I don’t want to find out the hard way.

Sorry for being such a sour grape.


according to the manual p#78 the device has uPnP capability and is enabled by default

Thanks, but please read my second post. It is imperative that accurate information is given.

It is important to distinguish between tunneling uPnP traffic between nodes (P2P) and hosting an uPnP Server.

If you host an uPnP server - which one are you using, Asset, Twonky, or similar?

The mynet n900 doesn’t have the processor or ram to handle a uPnP server, as far as I’m aware. Twonky or Asset would require running some linux build, right? Can’t do that here. This is a router with a shareable hard drive, unfortunately not an integrated NAS/router unit- that would probably require something much larger. I hooked up a netbook to it and it basically runs like an NAS.

Thanks for the insightful answer :smiley:

I bet many will get problems here when streaming media.

If you need a computer connected anyway (running an uPnP server) I can’t see the point with the onboard disc with the exeption of pure backup and, to a certain extent, remote access related to file transfer.

The whole point for me was that I should AVOID the need for a PC and just use my iPad (iDevice on Wifi) and a storage router connected to my mediaplayer over LAN.

What is this setting for then?

Please read post#2.

uPnP IGD means that the router is transparent for P2P uPnP traffic.

I cannot tell you if it fas a true upnp server or not, but mine has no issues streaming from an attched 2tb drive to my sony bdp-580 blu-rsay player.  If it doesnt have at least some basic upnp server, it shouldn’t ba able to do that correct?

just a quick question are  u want to know if the n900 works to allow media players to connect to it and play files ?

ie media server dnla ?

if so then yes it will work as a media server for xbox ,etc . I use it to stream films to a humax hdr fox to watch films on ,play music , look at pictures.

This does not require a pc connected to it at all. As for storing media files off the ipad to the router storage , i couldnt say how that would work out .

As far as i know its not a upnp server but a media server which connects to device using upnp on the network.

If you are using an uPnP renderer (DAC, music server), this device needs an uPnP server in order to feed the stream to your renderer (player). An iDevice (e.g. iPad) may be used to browse your music library and for control over wifi.

If you have two uPnP devices that communicates, the uPnP IGD compliance in the router makes sure that this happens, however in this case the uPnP server is located on one of them (i.e. not on the renderer side). However, if you omit the uPnP server component (PC, NAS), this server duty must be embedded into the Router or built-in NAS part in order to perform as a streaming device. The ability to simply connect uPnP devices is not sufficient.

To wrap up this once more:

This is only considered a problem if you only use a renderer and iDevice with your N900 Central having no PC or Mac connected, however this was the whole idea in my case.