UPnP music favourites lost every time we have a power cut


We have a Cyrus music streamer, it reads its music form our Wdmycloudex4100 it also saves its UPnP music favourites to the same device. But if we have a power cut, i.e. the local muppets cut through the power cable, yet again while digging a hole in the road, The UPnP’s are, well i would assume corrupted. The Music streamers can no longer find the UPnP favourites file, and just endlessly searches.

The Music steamer manufactures, both Sonos and Cyrus both say its the NAS. The NAS after a power outage works just fine, it will boot back up as if nothing has happened, well apart from the great big red disc failed symbol. A full diagnostic shows Zero errors as does the working of the NAS.

Does anyone know how i can recover this file and make the hundreds of songs collected from thousands of albums work again.

Does anyone know how to locate this file so at least i could just make my own music library just with my favourites in it.

I have been asked to change the power settings but it does not seem to do anything, again the only items lost are the UPnP music favourites files.

I am at a loss. Can any one help.


Does any device instructions tell you the name of the file or where it is stored? It appears the file is open when things crash and file is not closed properly.

Why do you have so many power failures?


The NAS is set up with surge protection so that it does not receive to large a spike when or if the power cuts, I.e a spare hi fidelity audio protection transformer, but this obviously can not prevent the inevitable.

The reason we have so many power cuts is as stated above, all the services are spaghetti, years of under funding well over payed under skilled sub contracting has left our village with outdated municipals The gas, electricity, water, telephone lines, and fiberoptic broadband all entwine there way through an area of road no more than 10 feet square. Some happy muppet is always creating damage. That and the local electrical network having difficulty with supplying demand to the large cities. I am convincing my self that when Bradford requires more juice they switch of our small village for a few hours.

All the devices only work from apps on phones or pads, so no computer as such to track down any pathways.
I can only assume that the file is always open, re your suggestions as it never really used anymore as it causes so many problems. I believe it is designed like that. No way of turning it off. According to the manufacturer all the network music streamer does is make requests to the NAS so no information etc is stored on the network music streamer.

All though i have 1.5t of information backed up on from mac time machine and it seems that you are unable to view that too. by going to Shared under mac finder and then WDmycloudEX4100_Timemachine, but thats another topic.

Everything else works beautifully, adding too or from the NAS file storage, playing music, movies from the and through various devices auto back ups power ups after power failure, etc. Just leave it alone and let it do its thing. I just wish it would not lose the IPnP favourites esp as its ideal when guest are round etc. After all you don’t want The insane clown posse playing in shuffle mode when grandmother comes for coffee. snigger.

Thank you for your reply mike270ct