Upnp / dlna : Windows XP server discovery very slow

hi all:

The WD TV Live Plus seems to work well in all respects, except one.  It takes forever for it to find a network share, which in this case, is my server running Windows XP. Once WD TV Plus Live finds the server, everything works well, thereafter.

I am told that it may take WD TV Live Plus up to 20 minutes to discover a network share.  This is apparently a limitation of Windows itself.  I am not an expert at this, but I am told Windows broadcasts its presence on the network every so often and hence, WD TV Live Plus takes forever to find a network share.

Now, my question is: if the above is true, is there any setting in Windows such that I can have it broadcast its presence on the network every 20 seconds or so, instead of every 20 minutes? 


Well, under very specific circumstances, that’s true.

The way it really works is, when the Live first comes up, IT broadcasts trying to find the Master Browser on the network.

Once that master browser is discovered, the Live then asks the MB for the list of servers.   Then the Live goes to each server and looks at its shares.

What may take 20 minutes is a particular case where there is NO master browser, and an election must be FORCED.   but this is not the norm;  if that’s the case, it could indicate a problem on the network.

Okay, that sounds good.  So, how do I make my Windows XP computer (the only one that I care about for WD TV Plus Live) be the master browswer so an election doesn’t have to be forced?  

I should mention that I assign a static IP address to this main server.  If WD had an option to directly connect to a static IP address, that would have helped too!

Or, if you think I have a problem with my network, any advice as to where I may start looking to debug the problem?