Uploads stall at 100% and then don't show up

When uploading files from my Windows 10 PC via the browser site accessed by inputting my EX2Ultra’s local IP, then navigating to Apps>Web FileViewer>My Folder, the files upload much, much faster than they did previously and then they stall at 100%. This problem began 24 hours ago. Prior to this, the files would upload in a reasonable time and complete, then disappear from the upload que. Now they just stay in the que at 100% completion. After they are cleared from the que they do not show up in the folder that I uploaded them too. These are movie files, .mp4 and over 1gb.

Nothing has changed on my network to suggest a correlation. Since the issue began I’ve power cycled the modem and router, rebooted the EX2Ultra, and even deleted my entire WiFi network and set it up with factory settings. My hardware set up is an Eero Pro with a satellite node ran through an Arris Surfboard SB8200 connected to xfinity 700mbps. I’m at a loss, any help would be awesome. I’m not a very network savvy person, but I’m fairly good at researching and trying and so far I haven’t found much.