Uploading very slow, streaming is fine

With no reason, i mean i didn’t change anything in my computer or network, i nearly can’t upload a file to MyBookLive 44,5 kb per second. A 15mb file takes 10 minutes to download.

  • Streaming a movie to my computer or television is working fine, no problem at all.

  • Downloading from MBL is working fine.

I also tried to use the system check option on the dashboard, after 5 hours i stopped the system check, i kept going on.

I tried to use this troubleshoot option:


When using that option and uploading a file, i only see this


I expected, as mentioned in the troublshouting text, to see some errors, but nothing happens.

This the speed i get uploading a 15mb file:

upload_speed_15mb _file.PNG

I appreciate all help i can get!


Megazip, sorry, but that guide was written expecting English language in the command output.

In the script, see this line:

@netstat -es | findstr /C:Error /C:IP /C:Retra /C:ICMP

Chage /C:Error  and  /C:Retra

to the translated words  (Retra means Retransmission)

@netstat -es | findstr /C:xxxxx /C:IP /C:yyyyy /C:ICMP

Thanks for your reply!

I tried to translate the words to Dutch, but i guess they are not the right translation.

Is there a way to find the files somewhere on my computer?


Cut and paste the entire output of the command

netstat -es

Problem is solved, it was a hardware failure.

The switch is used was the problem, i tried a new switch and the performance was back to normal again!

Thanks for the help TonyPh12345!

Thanks for the follow up.