Uploading photos

I would like the ability to upload photos to my WD MyCloud without the date or file name being changed.

Thank you.



Support this suggestion.

Beeing able to compare filenames is essential for organizing photos/files.

I plan to keep a copy of all photos on a portable disk outside the WD Mycloud for backup.

I agree this problem is a show stopper for me.    

File date and time integrity is essential for many reasons.

1 You want to know what time and date files were created

2 Ifyouhave, forexample, manymanypicturesofChristmas2013inonefolder, like i do, andyouwantaDNLAservertoplaytheminchronologicalorder.  

Because of the date time issue you cannot get other family members to WDMyCloud remotely copy you pictures. This is a problem because my daughter copied me remotely 250ish Christmas photos to put in the same folder as my pictures.  They of course do not play in chronological order,  which caused me to investigate.

Please fix as soon as possible as I have had to go back to DropBox.  I bought this device to stop being a big user of DropBox!

I am having the same problem.  When I use the iPhone, iPad, iPod apps to upload pictures or videos to the MyCloud device it renames the files and changes the date to the time the file was uploaded. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. I also have a PogoPlug Cloud device and it does not have this problem.  I bought the WD MyCloud because it has more features but the problem with the date and filenames being changed will cause me to return the WD MyCloud to the store for a refund.  I have 22 days left to return the MyCloud for a full refund. So Western Digital has 21 days to fix this problem or I will return the device and have to go back to using my PogoPlug and start looking for another Cloud device.  The MyCloud is an almost perfect product except for the problem mentioned above and it is missing an autosync upload feature for files.

I just got the WD Live Do and used the My Cloud App to backup my Iphone pictures and ran into this renaming problem. Too obvious that this would be a problem for My Cloud App users.

Come on WD, lets get this one fixed!

I would love this, too, or at least a way to sort the photos my the date they were taken when I’m looking at them from my iPhone. This is my post in another forum about this problem:  Re: WD Photos renames and changes dates

Agreed!  Changing the name of the file makes it hard to even use the photo management capability as you could end up with duplicates if you sync your phone using any other means.  Very bizarre behavior!

I have the same issue, I don’t understand why with an Android phone we can do backup automatically without any info loss and with Iphone the name is changed and can’t set it up to be done automatically.

At least I didn’t find the way to do it for Android. If it’s just ignorance, please enlight me =)


Also my problem. This is really unacceptable and needs a quick solution!!

I agree 1000000% (if that’s possible). Being able to sort through photos by the date they were taken and when they were created is critical!! I emailed a photo and word document from Mycloud to my pc and when I checked their preferences both retained their original source data so it’s not being lost in the uploading to the cloud process therefore this should be a minor issue to fix. Come on WD. Check your forums, this is upsetting a lot of YOUR customers who have paid for YOUR products. Do you not think you owe it to them to rectify this? Other devices from other providers do not have this problem so why yours??