Uploading multiple folders/files at once

I have had my Mirror for several months now, and I am unable to find an efficient way to upload all of my files. I have the auto-synch set up on my tool bar at the top of my desktop (MacBook pro), and it shows no signs of not being able to synch. When I log on to the website and access my Mirror, all that synched over were some of the file folder names with nothing in them. I don’t necessarily mind doing this manually, but so far I have been unable to find a better way to do this than to upload each photo/song/document manually which is very time consuming and, frankly, frustrating. I feel like there’s a big piece of information or way to handle this device that I am missing out on. I’ve reviewed the manual and can’t seem to find any clues there either. Any and all help is appreciated! My laptop needs to go in for some repairs tomorrow and while I have backed up via Time Machine to an external, I’d like to get a head start and do some more work today.


I recommend you contact WD support directly for assistance with this issue.