Uploading iphoto with recent update

I just purchased the my cloud. How do I upload iphoto from a macbook? I selected and copied all photos from iphoto and pasted them in a photo file i created on the my cloud

I did this with itunes and it worked but mycloud has had a screen saying “preparing” for the last hour. Is this the way it should be done? all of my research has been fruitless especially on the apple support page. 

The directions i found here just direct you to apple support page and are not current. Has anyone done this and had success?

Thanks all

Hello bknes,

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See if the following links helps.



i appreciate your answer, Ill work on it next chance i get. 

One quick thing :slight_smile:

i backed up using TM, on the photo appon my ipad, it has a share that says "timemachinebackup " underneath it it says 0 photos. should i be able to see my photos from the backed up iphoto in this share or is something else messed up and I need to figure it out?