Uploading files to my Live Hub using my internet connection upload(?)


I just got my new WDTV Live hub and im trying to upload files to it. Ive set it up correctly, atleast i believe so, i can find the device with WD Discovery and ive set it up to show on my computer as a shared folder. However, when i try to upload files to it it seems to be using my normal internet connection speed, so its about 100kB/s max. I have a 24/1 connection.

When i transfer files between my ps3 and my pc, it usually works within the range of 8-12mB/s. So what am i doing wrong here? Why is it so slow? Any help appreciated.

Hello freind in order to better assit you can you post the version of the PS3  you are running?

What is the speed of the files on a external drive? 

Pixalpower also has a good post on the forum that says "The PS3 needs to be supplied with files in specific containers and using specific codecs for it to work.  The Hub will happily provide the PS3 with a vast selection of different files but it won’t transcode them like a PC-based media server would. "

Take a look at the full post to see if it helps