Uploaded file problem 0 size

triws to uploaded acouple of  pictures jpg files but it never finishes.  Copies the first file but then never goes on to the next picture. The mycloud folder created the file name but gives it a 0 byte size.  I can look at pictures already on the mycloud but i cant copy to it.  this is from a computer over the internet with windows 8.  just copying and pasting between two explorer windows.folders.  any ideas?


For testing purposes, do you experience the same results when copying files from the same computers locally as opposed to over the Internet?

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no thats exactly the problem i can upload files from the network with no problem its pretty fast.  when i do it from my girl friends house it loads the first file but never goes on to the next file and on the WD it says the first file has 0 bytes even though i could watch it upload the file which had say a 100 megabytes in it.


If this is the case, are the files being copied into a Private or a Public folder? Do you encounter the same issue by starting a remote connection by means of the WD2go.com website instead of the WD My Cloud Desktop application?

its being copied to the public folder and i have the problem either way.

sry have been on vacation.    im uploading to the public folder.


so if i upload small files  <40mb  from the wd2go i have no problems  larger then this it just hangs and says its all ben trnafered but (way too quickly i might add) and hangs there never finishing.  the file on the cloud syas 0 bytes.  the computer im uploading from is a windows 8 machine at a differnt locatin about 20 miles away.


   How do I download the desktop application?  i dont have this software on my remote computer and when i go to your download site it says there is no software to sownload.