Upload Rate for photographs is slower than other data

Hey everyone, 

Is anyone else having trouble uploading large amounts of data, specifically pictures? needless to say I was dissapointed that I was not able to transfer files directly via USB while at home. But I would expect that there would be an alternative to upload a large amount of data to the Mycloud.

I am currently plugged in directly via the ethernet chord and it’s going to take an estimated 2 days to move my 80GB of pictures. This is in contrast to the 7 hours it took to move 500 GB of movies. is anyone else having a similar issue?

Thanks for reading!

This is not a MyCloud specific  problem is more a hard drives architecture.

I.E. look this for an easy multiple answer:  Small File vs Big File Transfer Rates

If you are in windows use a tool like teracopy to move a big amount of files around.

Other OS’s handle better file managment.

Thank you! that post helped me understand the problem which is half of the frustration.