Upload progress & hibernate remote tips

Your mobile app could benefit from:

a) some sort of an indicator of progress of upload to NAS from mobile app. There is no way for me to know if all the files uploaded or where the upload stands. It creates difficulties to verify all was loaded before I can delete. I do not want to enable sync.

b) Mobile app needs wake NAS function. I tend to shut it down as I use it only on occasions to back up pics. I do not want to have NAS turned ON 24/7 if I really need it for 1-2 hours a week.

c) mobile app needs a hibernate button. When i am logged as admin, i should not need to log in to dashboard in order to hibernate. Also need a remote hibernate button. This will help regular home users who do not need and want NAS online 24/7 and really just on demand.


a) There is a progress and activity indicator. Tap the “Hamburger Menu” and select “Activity”.

b) That would be particularly challenging, because the only way to do that is “Wake on LAN” and doing that through a router requires the user to specifically configure their router to support it. For most users, this is beyond their skills. UPnP cannot do wake on LAN.

c) This is a feature that very few users would use. NASes are designed to stay online 24x7; I think only a small number of users would want to shut their NAS down because it can take a long time to wake up.

Status: Acknowledged.