Upload incomplete >3.062 GB - fix

6 out of 58 files from my GoPro are unable to transfer. All 6 files report “Upload incomplete” and are larger than 3.062 GB. Each file has a “re-try” button and after several attempts, continues to report as “upload incomplete”.

  • WD My Cloud ver.
  • My Book Live (2TB) connected via Ethernet to router
  • Lenovo X240, 8 GB RAM connected via Ethernet to router
  • Windows 8.1 Enterprise 64-bit

Any idea how to fix this? Is there an OS or firmware limitation on file size? (seems so…)


It seems you are using the WD my Cloud Desktop application. Therefore, I would recommend that you upload the files from your GoPro to the WD My Book Live through “File explorer” on your Lenovo computer to see if you are able to transfer the files.