Upload / Download data usage

When I upload files to the device via the files.mycloud.com UI, does it count towards my ISP bandwidth whenever I upload / download media? Or does it use the local network and establish a connection between the PC and the drive via the router?

How does it work in the case of the mobile app? Is it via the internet for this or does it do this locally as well?

If you are local to your network, don’t use files.mycloud.com. Map your shares as network drives, and use your file manager. See the user manual for details.

Why would you choose to use files.mycloud.com if you are on your home network? When using the Mobile app use your wifi if you have it and the device has wifi.

LAN LAN (Local Area Network) Definition

WAN WAN (Wide Area Network) Definition

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Thanks, however I am unable to map the share as a network drive on Windows 10. When I do anything with the drive showing up under network, it just opens up the IP address in the browser and asks me to login.

The manual is of no help either as it doesn’t have any instruction for Windows 10. The Windows 8 instruction is leading nowhere.

Manual - http://products.wdc.com/library/UM/ENG/4779-705103.pdf
Pg 18, Step 4 for Win 8
Pg 30, Step 4 for Win 8

both detail exactly the same steps, however it is supposed to yield different results? Am I missing some trick?

Have you tried ‘Map Network Drive’ from the File Explorer menu?

Have you read this thread?