Upload camera card photos to MyCloud using iPad

I have purchsed a gen 2 MyCloud. Works OK to upload photos taken on iPad.
However, I want to use it to upload camera (not iPad) photos while on holiday.

I can upload these to iPad Camera Roll and then to MyCloud, but limited by memory in iPad. (Around 16Gb free, want to upload 32Gb SD card content)

Two questions:-
1/ Is there any way to upload SD card content to MyCloud WITHOUT putting it into iPad memory first?

2/ If I have to put it into Camera Roll, then upload to MyCloud, will MyCloud files be deleted if I subsequently delete them on iPad to clear memory for more? (Using automatic backup process)

Any help most welcome!! I want to avoid having to carry heavy laptop on holiday!!


Hi K0rky,

Images stored in iPad Camera Roll would be backed up under Auto Backup feature using My Cloud Mobile App. Also you can select images manually stored in SD card to upload manually on My Cloud. You may refer this KBA for more details:

The image file stored in Camera Roll, will not be delete from My Cloud if it deleted from Camera Roll after getting backed up.

Hi Brandon,

Thanks, helpful.
However, it only seems to confirm that I must upload images from camera memory card to Camera Roll before they can be transferred to MyCloud.

Is there any way of going directly from a memory card or a connected camera to MyCloud?

Hi K0rky,

You can use connect compatible external USB drives directly to My Cloud and configure USB to NAS backup to store files from USB external drive to My Cloud. You should refer below KBA for more details:

To expand a little on my original e-mail, I want to transfer photos taken on an independent camera (not the one in the iPad) to MyCloud.

I can transfer from camera SD card to Camera Roll and then backup to MyCloud, I use an Apple SD to Lightning adapter, which makes import to Camera Roll simple, but this hits memory limitations in iPad.

I also have an iReader from Wecodo, which (sometimes!) shows content of SD card and can transfer single images to MyCloud app., but not multiple images, despite their claims.

So, I still can’t transfer the contents of a SD card to MyCloud!

I have tried route described in the link you sent, but this only lets me see Camera Roll, not an SD card attached by either if the above methods!

I am happy to purchase another adaptor, so any ideas?

There is no easy way to copy SD card content to iPad . Since you want to transfer SD camera card contents to My Cloud you need a device that reads the cards and saves them to disk, WD makes the My Passport Wireless drives with this feature. You likely need one of these. Check the main WDC.com website and look in Products ; portable storage. I bring one on every trip I make, along with iPad/iPhone to enjoy my media collection on the mobile devices. When you get home you can easily transfer camera photos to your My Cloud.

For Brandon
In your reply, you state “Also you can select images manually stored in SD card to upload manually on My Cloud. You may refer this KBA for more details:”

I have perused the KBA closely, and can ONLY find instructions for uploading photos stored on the iPhone / iPad in Camera Roll etc.

Can you explain further, please?

This is easier than you think You copy an SD card contents as you would from any data storage device – by inserting the card into you PC’s card slot, and using you computer’s file management program (File Explorer or Finder) copy drectly to the My Cloud. It is like copying from one drive to another.from SD card to My Cloud.

I think the OP is trying to back up camera images whilst on holiday, using an iPad, not a Mac or PC/laptop. So Finder and File Manager aren’t relevant. And the iPad is notorious for denying ‘normal’ access to SD cards.

Yes, I got that, but he expressly asked about getting camera data on My Cloud, this time. I also had told him he needs a WD wireless drive with an SD slot so he can dump his camera photos on drive. No computer needed until he gets back home. I’ve given plenty of help to him to get the jobs done, I’m sure.

BTW, CP, last week I sent you a PM. Please see it and reply.

Hi cpt,

You have got it right. As I said in my first e-mail, I want to avoid carrying a heavy laptop on holiday and, as I now carry an iPad for all internet and mail access, I naturally want to use that.

I also wanted the security of transfer to MyCloud!

If I have a full-function laptop with me, the problem is trivial, or if I wait until I get home, buying more memory cards is an option, and cheaper than a wireless drive.

It does sound as if Apple limitations have beaten me again. It’s a pity they are such appealing machines!!

Nothing really to add to your observation. What did you want me to say?

Don’t be so hard on Apple; they are not the only tablet without SD card slots; neither does my Kindle tablet. You CAN email a photo to your email, and open email on iPad and save the photo to the iPad. It’s not a tablet’s fault one does not have the right equipment to get a certain job done! A tablet is not intended to be a swiss army knife. If you are going to take fewer pics with the camera, a fistful of SD cards is the way to go, but if you take hundreds of pics, a WD wireless drive is the best option.


I just noticed it was a side effect of turning cloud access off and on and wanted to know if you had any experience or comment.

You could reply with comments like:

I do/do not know about this; it’s a /no big deal. I know how to fix it without a reboot, etc.

Sorry; I don’t really engage in chat. If I had something useful to say, I’d have said it. I didn’t, so I didn’t…

Well, not wanting to chat myself, so be it.

In regard to OP’s question, how does the iPad react to USB media?

There are SDCard to USB converter dongles out there; Would OP have better luck using one of those?

I have tried Apple SD to Lightning dongle, as described in my posts. I have also tried Wocodo iReader, both iUSB and idiskk versions, which do not function as advertised. In theory, they should allow me to ‘Open in’ or ‘Share’ with WD app, but fail!

Does anyone have any other dongles they can recommend, please?

Hilarious idea:
zsun, plugged into usb AC outlet. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not a normal SDcard reader. The USB connector is mainly just for power. It is actually a very small single board computer with a small nand flash based OS, that runs a samba server, and has a wifi interface set in AP mode.

It is NOT very secure. By default, it has a telnet daemon running with a default password. (On the plus side, it makes a great piratebox with openwrt!)

One could pop the microSD card into this bad boy, then just plug it straight into a USB power brick, then connect to the file share over wifi, and do whatever that way.

I am throwing it out here, just because.

More serious:

Apple branded dongle?

If that’s like the similar product for the iPad2, then it doesn’t give random file access; it just automatically hoovers all images files off the disk. Whether you want it to or not. Usual ‘apple in control’ stuff, not the user in control