Upload back to PC from MyBookLive

Hello everyone,

I am very new to all of this and would greatly appreciate some assistance. I have bought a Sonos Play 3 and a My Book LIve 2TB and all is good with this setup.

My problem lies with access to my music on my laptops.

I have a coffee shop and am thrilled to have all of my music safe in one place!! However I do not have this amazing setup in the coffee shop as yet and so need to use an external/portable music player (usually ipad or mp3 player)

Therefore what I would like to do is to use some sort of media player to play tracks from the MyBookLive and upon playing these files, if I think they are appropriate Coffee Shop listening, I would like to right click the now playing track and save in a Coffee Shop Music folder on laptop.

I would then run these through mp3gain to level off and add to ipad to take in to play to my customers

Can anyone help?

Mediamonkey is the closest I have got but I am having issues here with copy to (folder) as a lot of songs won’t copy or show as root in Twonky server?

Many Thanks in advance


You can use iTunes to access your music library from the laptop. Check page 123 from the manual.