Upgrading to an Advance Format Drive

I was running out of space on my Windows 7 w/SP1 Desktop PC. It currently is using a WD500AAKX hard drive. I bought a WD1003FZEX hard drive which is a Advance Format Drive. My question is, "This this drive AF 512e or is it AF native? If is AF native will I be able to use this drive with my current operating system? Thanks.

Advanced Format hard drives are 4K native. 512e is a compatibility feature for systems that do not support 4K units.

Microsoft Windows 7 supports Advanced Format hard drives.

I did some further research concerning 4K drives. I found the following article from Microsoft:
According to this article, Only Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 or later will support 4K native (4K logical sector size) hard drives.