Upgrading to a larger hard drive

Hi all,

I’ve a MyBook World Edition with a 1TB drive (a WD Caviar Green WD10EACS), and I’m wondering if anyone has experience in replacing that drive with a larger model in the exact same WD Caviar range of drives (e.g. WD20EARX)? Is it as simple as putting in a new blank drive and powering on, or do I need to mirror the drive contents across first, then grow the partition to fill the empty space?

Any experience or advice gratefully received,


No it is not that simple. But you can upgrade drive. Here is how…


Added… WAIT A MIN!!! I just noticed you posted on the wrong forum…

you are correct, it is a bit more complicated than just tossing in a new drive. THe OS is on the drive, so you first have to install the OS, and you have to install the correct partition sizes. 

There guides on how to do this on the wikidot forum.

You might also consider getting the image files from MBWE that is the same size as what you are trying to build, and use the image files from that.  see here  http://mybookworld.wikidot.com/backup-images-of-mybook