Upgrading NAS. have question

I would like to upgrade my NAS from this to this.

My question is this. Can I just pull my current hdds in raid 5 out of the old device and plug them into the EX4100 and have it work as though nothing happened? Or will I have to copy the data from the old device to the new device first?

Yes, you can :smile:

Is there anything I need to do on the new NAS device to prep the drives being pulled out of the old device and into the new device?

Will it be guaranteed if I pull out the hdds from the existing NAS device and place them into the new that my data wont be erased or become corrupted?

After moving the drives to the new My Cloud, power it up and you will be asked by the operating system if these drives shall be used “as is”. The My Cloud OS detects that these drives were located in another My Cloud. You will be asked, if you want to use these drives “untouched” with all the data on the drives. Note: the data!

existing users cannot be transfered, of course. But all existing user folders will be transfered but access limitations (if existing) are disabled.

So it will copy over all the shares (but not users) and all other settings I have in place now on the old machine will be copied (reconfigured by the new device to match) over?

That’s awesome! Thanks!

Correct! The user management is part of the operating system in the flash memory, the data is stored on the drive(s).